Investment Advisory and Establishment Services

• Relevant research and identify the target enterprise.

• The valuation of the company.

• Investment incentives, research and reference.

• Investment feasibility studies.

• The opening of branches and liaison offices for foreign entrepreneurs.

• Company establishment and organization of all kinds.

• With companies on mergers, acquisitions and disposal operations.

• Companies in free zones.

• Foreign investment legislation.

• Evaluation of build-operate-transfer projects.

• Business partners (joint ventures) examinations.

• International trade, import and export regimes.

• Built-in international currency movements.

• Foreign Capital & Investment (in TURKEY) Services: Foreign Investor, who makes foreign investment in Turkey, is defined as real persons, who possess foreign nationality and Turkish nationals’ resident abroad, and foreign legal entities established under the laws of foreign countries and international institutions. Within this scope, these people and institutions defined as foreign investor according to the Foreign Direct Investment Law (FDI), can invest in Turkey by establishing a new company or branch of a foreign company with cash or non-cash or share acquisitions not by means of capital markets or share acquisitions through capital markets where the foreign investor owns 10 percent or more of the shares or voting power. Within this scope, MED GROUP provides the below mentioned services for foreign investors

1. Feasibility work of the planned investment

2. Consultancy about the legal eligibility and incorporation of the new company to be established in Turkey

3. Analyses and consultancy on the risk and return balance of the investments

4. Incorporation process of a new company or a branch in Turkey

5. Independent audit of the potential partners in Turkey according to the IAS

6. Legal process (permission) to open liaison office

7. Consultancy on the working permits of the personnel to be employed in the companies, branches and entities established

8. Consultancy on the taxation issues of these companies according to the Turkish Legislation