A way forward. We’ll know how.

The group Company, MED Turizm ve Ticaret A.Ş., was founded in 1981. Subsequently, in 1982, ZED Sigorta Aracılık Hizmetleri Ltd. Şti. Sti. was established. After the commencement of law numbered 3568, MED YMM A.Ş. was established. Then MED Bağımsız Denetim ve Danışmanlık A.Ş. was founded in 1992. DD Enerji Hizmetleri A.Ş. was added to the group in 2013. Finally, MED MRI SMMM A.Ş. and MED IDEA Bilgi Yönetimi ve Ticaret A.Ş., MED KD SMMM Ltd. was added to the group in 2023, revealing its current structure.

Mehmet Erol DEMIRDOVEN is the group’s founder and Chairman and has the Sworn-in CPA (YMM) and Chief Auditor Responsible titles. The CIO of the group is Kağan DEMİRDÖVEN, from the second generation.

The GROUP Companies have been performing audit and approval operations of natural and legal persons by Law No: 3568 on Independent Accountancy, Certified Public Accountancy and Chartered Accountancy. The GROUP is one of Turkey’s Corporate Independent Auditor companies, which provides audit and consultancy services in various subjects, including “Independent Auditor and Tax Consultancy’. The majority of the shareholders of the CompCompany experts are former Account Experts of the Ministry of Finance, and they have Chartered Accountant certificates and a significant accumulation of knowledge and experience originating from the public and private sectors.

MED GROUP, as the Turkey office of Moores Rowland, can provide support anywhere in the world on all matters that you may need through the global connections of Moores Rowland.

Our Mission

Moores Rowland Mission is to enable its members support businesses with the highest professional standards in a practical and straight forward approach taking into consideration compliance with applied laws and regulation with commercial norms wherever it is needed.

We make sure our clients are directly connected to global practical business advices from reliable members whose advices are designed to provide the highest professional standards as a solution to the complexity and difficulty of global professionalism.

We believe in providing professional, however, personalized services that comply with international standards since our mission incorporates building the capacity of our leaders all over the world especially that we give a special concern when it comes to what we choose to do and how we choose to deliver it.

Med Group members rely on their international connections to promote professionals with a rewarding career for next generations where members from all over the world work to attract and shape better relationships.

Med Group represents the collective power of market that includes members, partners and staff all over the world.

While joining efforts with professional service providers around the world Moores Rowland provides the professional tools and programs as well as resources to empower them to grow and become more bonded in services provided. That is why Moores Rowland provides concentrated trainings to our member firms’ management and professionals to elevate practices and staff to serve our clients in a better integrated way. And so our member firms share a culture of continuing professional education. They follow up to learn developments on professional standards and techniques as well as leadership skills.

Being one of the top ten global professional networks in the world, and the combined capacity of our member firms and offices, where the broad geographical coverage of our members provide our clients with their international needs, enables us to be large enough to provide full range of services in a personalized manner, especially that we are committed to deliver our distinguished clients with personalized services, all over the world.

Our services capability goes beyond borders and whether our clients are anticipating a merger in Europe or wants to open a branch in Asia, Moores Rowland member firms may provide assistance. Through our member firms’ specialized expertise, we deliver special service that comply with each jurisdiction. We provide businesses, regulators, and stakeholders with superior assurance while delivering our reports and studies whether it is related to finance, legal or management. That is why we team up with our clients to protect and improve value through recognizing, anticipating and solving serious business issues.

Our worldwide partners and staff serve our clients through the network collectively and independently.

Our mission strategy is to go deep to grow our clients potential to the utmost. We cooperate with the right professionals to brainstorm and drive transformation. We also cooperate with our clients to shape their capabilities to enable them achieve sustainability. We build the future with our clients.

Our intention is to provide the highest possible of capabilities, yet allow each member to utilize this in its local market as part of our intentions to create and keep the best Global network of professionals including Audit, Accounting, Legal, and Business Advisory Firms in the World, that provides our clients the best quality services in our areas of knowledge.

Our intention is to deliver superior professional services, to our member firms and to our clients’ all over the world. We are proud of our reputation across the world since we are a network that delivers trust and assurance to the business profession.

Our intention is to be the leaders in our profession, to stay focused on the quality produced by the members’ network and provide full services to assist our clients in their needs.

Our Vission

Our vision is to become one of the most reputable professional global networks with recognized capabilities, attained by our reliable member firms, that obtain value from Moores Rowland International, through providing them with continuous support to enable them achieve their objectives.

Our philosophy unites member firms whether in the United States, Europe, Australia, China or South America and wherever our member firms and associates are found all over the world where we share the same values.

We have a vision to develop our capabilities to be the most advanced network of independent and engaged member firms that provide supreme client service and global quality solutions which is achievable through being independent in our practice and for being united in our purpose, to become the first choice network of independent accounting, advisory and legal firms. We look forward to compete in the world economy through consistent referrals and fruitful relationships between member firms and with our clients.

MED GROUP is recognized as one of the leading global networks of professional service providers including certified public accountants, chartered accountants, legal consultants, business advisors and chartered advisory firms where this is achieved through cooperating with our valuable resources working with our outstanding member firms.

We have a robust culture, that is attached to strong set of values, which puts Moores Rowland as a market leader and a rewarding place to work for with the members’ persistence to adopt our principles that describe, in the following, what we do and how we do things:

Integration:  We are an integrated network association with strong relationship linking our members together where we are inspired to provide global teamwork to direct the services to achieve the clients interest

Independence:  We strongly believe that an organization of genuinely independent member firms is able to meet the many challenges faced by businesses in today’s expanding markets. Although every member firm is exceptionally independent, each one of them adopts the same standards. We think and act independently.

Entrepreneurial attitude: Our member firms share common vision and our team members are creative and we are proud to provide a new perception to our clients across the world to provide an extraordinary client service.

Also, we hold an annual general assembly during the annual professional conference to discuss and approve, through voting, the professional standards matters, budget, appointment of governing council and regional councils, strategic plan and major policies.

Management board is elected by the governing council.The management board members are eligible to add any member or modify any council for the benefit of the network.

All new applying members are scrutinized by the membership committee, then recommendations are conveyed to board regarding approval or dismissing and consequent categorizations. Membership committee members are nominated by the governing council.

Our Values

MED GROUP set of clear values are essential to construct a global network that can achieve real change and that embrace professional capability. Our partners maintained Moores Rowland values alive since ages where they became part of our culture and behavior through our performance. Our board of governors reviews and reevaluates these values to assure their applicability and practicality continuously. Our values fulfill what we do to enable us maintain our leading rank in the market and continue as a satisfying and motivating global network.

MED GROUP member firms share a common commitment to professional standards where they benefited from their previous experience acquired over the years. They extended their knowledge for the customs and cultures. Our professionals’ massive experience is pooled proficiently by member firms to deliver a unified service to our clients.

MED GROUP network encounter independent member firms who share common values of openness, integrity, honesty, global reach, local understanding with their clients and with one another where they adhere to professional standards related to their services in all their work.

For MED GROUP member firms the client’s interest is constantly the first influence in our values, and as soon as we feel that our client might need additional expertise from outside the network we acknowledge our client and interfere to assist in securing the needed expertise. The client’s best interest is what comes first and motivate us not our own interest.

Our tag line is GENERATING VALUE and we believe in this tag line and work on making sure all our member firms comprehend and live it thoroughly where we list our values as follows:

Ambition: We are driven by our ambition and passions to shape our network and assist our member firms grow and succeed in their businesses. We pursue continuous development in all what we do. We generate and make the most of the opportunities we get, to maximize the benefit for clients, as well as maintaining and inspiring businesses innovation and development. Our principles assisted in building our network as well as in achieving its goals and maintain its global personality and attract reputable member firms to guarantee the quality of services provided. Our member firms, our persistence to achieve ambition, our principles served us to raise our capability to compete in this unpredictable global economy and market.

Collaboration: Our pledge to work collectively is an integral part of our network. To exploit the value and service of Moores Rowland, we assist our member firms and empower them to compete in this open global market. Our member firms unite through fellowship teamwork and through collaboration.

Continuity: The firms’ continuity is something that the board of governors thinks of continuously especially that new members and staff come in and new members and staff go out from one generation to the other, which raises the question of continuity and knowledge persistence. Our experience combined with our relations constitutes the basis to give us lessons to benefit for the future.

Diversity:  We appreciate all human beings and respect their cultures and differences. We share the foundation of all human relations. Inspite of our diversity, we are united and adopt the same values. Our inspired innovation is the result of our openness and our talent to listen, act and react with our diversity to unite us as one integrated body.

Exclusivity: Our member firms have their geographic territory jurisdiction practices exclusivity in their specialty of service industry; however, cross jurisdiction partnerships are encouraged by the board of governance, when needed.

Global emphasis: We focus on the global influence with member firms through the main cities and through the emerging markets of the world. Our members reveal the regional differences however each one maintains the international perspective and outlook across the world.

Passion: We are inspired with passion that incorporates our relationships as member firms, with our clients, and our philosophy. This describes how we implement our passion to provide our services. Our clients are our priority and we are committed to look into their matters and work on improving and growing their business, their planned objectives and achieve more than expected.

Professional: Competency, capability, ethical, transparent, and Quality are the main features of the services Allinial Global and Moores Rowland to its member firms, where each of our member firms must live the brand and our professional features between each other and with their clients.

Reliability: We work and act with facts and certainty all our time, through a framework of transparency and legality, our member firms give special attention to elevate professional commitment with our clients, where we offer fidelity and morality, while providing services to our clients, as our priority whether it was internally or externally. In brief, moral and honest consistency guide us how to assist our clients.

Responsive: We strive to deliver our service in a quick, effective, precise, friendly and responsible way to sustain the efficiency of our network and to reinforce our reputation as an energetic network that reacts with the clients and members requests. We give special care for the way we deal with our clients’ challenges and conduct the work with utmost attention to assure its positive impact on our societies.

Quality: MED GROUP, conducts and scrutinizes annually the work of their existing member firms who provide assurance and certification services such as Quality Managemnt (ISO) and audit services through applying the ISQC1, and other quality assurance procedures, to ensure they are reliable, effective and professional with strong standings in their local markets. We focus on our member firms to assure of their commitment to deliver quality service. Since it was founded Allinial Global and Moores Rowland has grown up at an amazing rate without jeopardizing quality that makes public desire to work for the firm and with the firm. It’s an excellent achievement, and it’s due to firms’ commitment to our values.

Value driven: The most effective technique to drive value to our clients is to partner with them without losing our independence. Each assignment is an opportunity to convert our client and also our team approach to build programs and achieve expressive impact.