Compliance Services:

Fiscal Certification Services: 3568 Independent Accountants, Certified Public Accountant and Chartered Accountant under the Law of institutions studying the management of documents and records on a regular basis and reported to the tax inspectors care downtime. Tax risk management reporting purposes in the light of these reports to take measures that would ensure that errors and a review of the company by protecting against any tax point of view is to a healthy state.

• Certification of income and Corporate

• Value Added Tax Returns

Other Certification Services including:

» Certification of Fixed Asset Revaluations

» Certification of the Capitalization of Reserves

» Reports on Share Capital Increases

» Certification of Exemption of Associations, Facilities and Charitable Foundations

» Credit Related Assessments

» Assessments Related to The Obligations of Travel Agencies Regarding Tourism Revenues and Repatriation of Foreign Currencies

» Examinations and Assessments Regarding Crude Oil, Petroleum Products and LPG Imports

» Examination of Accounts and Transactions of Organized Industrial Zones

» Auditing the Revenues and Expenses of Unemployment Insurance Fund

» Examination of Wealth and Assets

» Preparation of Deferment and Installment Applications

» Inventory Valuation Transactions

» Withholding Tax Refunds and Certifications of Income and Corporate Tax Exemptions

» Certifications of Incentives, Allowances, Exemptions and Exceptions

» Preparation of Special Returns

» Evaluation and Assessment Reports on Domestic Manufacturing Reports

» Reports and Services Regarding Capacity Utilization

» Carrying out Other Certification, Verification and Ratification Services as Described Under the Sworn in Certified Public Accountancy Legislation

• Auto financing and dividend studies.

• Leasing studies.

• Outsourcing review, evaluation and reporting