ESG Reporting and Consultancy Services

• ESG Reporting enables companies to present their sustainability performance, goals and impacts to stakeholders openly and transparently. This reporting process provides a comprehensive picture of companies’ environmental, social and governance achievements and challenges. An effective ESG report includes detailed information about the company’s sustainability strategy, policies, practices and performance results.

• As MED BDD, we provide strategic support to companies in their ESG reporting processes, enabling you to prepare reports by the rules and criteria of international sustainability and ESG standards such as GRI CSRD and ESGS standards. This service includes analysing and developing your existing (if any) sustainability reports, compliance with reporting standards, development of reporting content and adequate report preparation and presentation. We support companies with our experts to ensure that their ESG reports accurately reflect their sustainability performance, meet stakeholders’ information needs, and are prepared according to internationally recognised criteria (such as CSRD, ESRS and GRI).

• Our goal in the ESG reporting process is to ensure that companies meet the transparency and accountability criteria of international sustainability and ESG standards such as CSRD, ESRS and GRI. This process strengthens companies’ reputation and brand value and increases investor and stakeholder confidence in sustainability. In addition, the reporting process allows companies to monitor their progress towards achieving their sustainability goals and make necessary improvements.

• ESG Audits are critical for companies to assess and improve their sustainability performance. These audits help to determine the extent to which companies comply with ESG objectives and standards. Based on international audit methods and best practices such as ISO 19011, these audits allow companies to measure and improve their ESG performance effectively.

• MED BDD provides companies with third-party ESG audit services as well as support in establishing and maintaining their own internal audit systems. The experienced auditors and lead auditors in our team objectively and comprehensively assess companies’ ESG performance. This process helps companies better understand the challenges and opportunities they face in the field of sustainability and enables them to take concrete steps for continuous improvement.